UCLA Bruins

By Venkatesh Padala

UCLA Mascot: Joe Bruin

Originally bear cubs, the school decided to go with the more fearsome grizzly bears. Over the years, many names were used, yet one name stuck until today: Joe Bruin. He is also often found with a female counterpart, Josephine Bruin.

The school is trying to convey a message of both being attached to nature yet the ability to be very fierce of provoked.

FUN FACT: At a point in time live bears were used to entertain fans at the stadium


The UCLA student has many cheers to support their team and degrade the other team.

"I'll make you see LA, like a bruin!" It's a slight pun- I'll make "U" "C" LA, like a Bruin.

"8 Clap Cheer"- a series of claps with the letters "UCLA" in between.

"TAKE OFF THAT RED SHIRT!"- whenever someone walks into the student section with a red shirt on, the crowd yells this until the offender takes it off.

"Shot Clock"- whenever there are 10 seconds left on a shot clock, one of two things happen depending on who has the ball. If the Bruins have the ball, they count from 10. But if the other team has it, they count from 5 to mess them up.

"Frisbee Cheer"- AKA "Winning Team, Losing Team!"- a chant done with the crowd and one appointed captain who yells out a series of questions, which the crowd replies.

FUN FACT- Cross-town rivals the Trojans have a tradition of literally stabbing the field with a sword while in a Trojan costume.