Welcome To Planet Earth

By Preston Sturgis

Ways we regionalize the earth

one way we regionalize the earth is continents, we can divide up the earth using large land masses. another way we can organize the world is climate zones, we can divide the earth using temperatures and climate. the last way we can divide the earth is with hemispheres,

Mt. Everest

Mt Everest presents many opportunities like tourism and climbing and good soil. Mt Everest presents some challenges like death and landslides.

Some travel tips are dress warm and some avalanches. A packing list is dress warm and pack lots of food that gives you energy. mt. Everest is located in nepal.

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Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert presents some opportunities like building ground and some good soil. But the Sahara Desert presents many challenges like sand storms and very hot. some travel tips are dress lightly and there are scorpions. things to pack, light clothes and some shades to keep the sands out of your eyes. the sahera desert goes from Egypt to Morocco
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Grand Canyon

The grand canyon presents many opportunities like tourism and family time. there are some challenges like you could fall, the canyon could give way. some travel tips are snakes. things to pack, dress light. the grand canyon is located in Arizona and new mexico.
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