Joanna Garcia

Climate: hot and dry

Average temperature: 20 to 25c and 43.5 to 49c

Average precipitation: 15 cm a year

Are there seasons: yes the fall and spring is warm and it's hot on summer there is little rainfall on winter.

Location: south eastern California


  • Barrel cactus
  • Chain fruit cholla
  • Crimson hedgehog cactus
  • Joshua tree
  • Saguaro cactus
  • Jumping cholla
The plants adapt by storing water for a long time and standing the hot water.


  • Armadillo lizard
  • Banded Gilda monster
  • Desert tortoise
  • Cactus ferruginous
  • Pygmy owl
  • Thorny devil
The animals go out at night because it's cooler.

Threats to biome

Humans are moving into desserts and are building attractions. Military bases are moving in, also. The animals need to find a different habitat. Only half the deserts have remain its natural condition.