Belridge Secondary ESC News

May 2021

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome back to Term 2, 2021. Once again it was an unusual start to the term with the COVID restrictions in place and big congratulations to all of the students on the mature way they settled back into school despite the restrictions. Now that these have eased our community based educational programs such as Swimming, Community Access and Workplace Learning have been returning to normal. Thank you to staff, parents and students for your patience and understanding when these had to be placed on hold. Term 2 is now progressing smoothly and all students have settled back into their routines.

As an Independent Public School, we are required to participate in a Public School Review and as such our Review occurred in the final week of Term 1. This is an opportunity to reflect on our progress as a school and to showcase the work and achievements that are made daily. I need to thank and acknowledge all of the staff here at Belridge SESC who make Belridge the special community that we are, the front office administration team for their daily contributions and extra demands during times like this and my leadership team for their commitment, perseverance and after hours’ dedication to showcasing and celebrating what happens at Belridge Secondary ESC. The report is based on the evidence and information that we as a school presented for the six domains that form the standard for Public School Review. In each domain we provided information relating to what we do and these are highlighted as Commendations and the review team then support what we have stated that we would like to improve and they validate as a Recommendation to support our School Improvement Agenda. The review team were extremely impressed with the work here at Belridge SESC with comments made about how our school should consider becoming a Teacher Development School, the relationships with the Secondary College, families and outside agencies, the positive culture and high expectations, behaviour support and both clearly articulated a genuine acknowledgement of the outstanding work that staff do and the high quality environment here at Belridge SESC.

Winter is fast approaching and the mild weather we have been experiencing is quickly changing. Parents are reminded of the need to follow the school uniform policy. The school uniform plays an important role in creating a sense of identity within the school community and also supports the inclusive nature of the two schools here at Belridge. Students are able to wear navy blue jumpers and tracksuit pants that DO NOT have any logos. School track suit jackets, pants and jumpers are also available to purchase from Uniform Concepts in Delage Street, Joondalup. Thank you for your support in following these school rules and please contact us if you require any further information.

This term also brings planning for the 2022 school year. We have had a number of prospective parents doing tours of the school and they are always impressed by the quality and types of programs that we provide, the facilities, the staff and of course the students here at Belridge Secondary ESC. We look forward to welcoming our future students and families to Belridge SESC with our Year 7 Transition program commencing in Term 3.

Just a reminder that Friday 4th June 2021 is a designated School Development Day and students DO NOT attend school on this day. The following Monday 7th June is the WA Day public holiday and we hope that you are able to make the most of the extra-long weekend.

I will be on Long Service Leave from the 17th June until Tuesday 27th July and Mrs Shayne Hutchings will be Acting Principal during my absence so please do not hesitate to contact her.

Jenine Wall


Important Dates

Friday 4th June - Staff Development Day - PUPIL FREE

Monday 7th June - WA Day - Pubic Holiday

Friday 2nd July - Last day of Term 2

Monday 19th July - First day of Term 3

Monday 14th June - Beyond School Parent Information Evening - BSC Auditorium

Thursday 24th June - Education Support Performing Arts Concert

Belridge Secondary ESC Bank details

Please note that our ANZ bank account is now closed. If you use direct deposit to send money to the school please save our new Commonwealth bank account details below:

Account Name: Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre

BSB Number: 066-040

Account Number: 1990-5931

Please contact the school office if you have any queries regarding this change.

Middle School News

Every term is a busy one and like all terms we have lots happening in Term 2. Students are working diligently across all classes and it is great to see teachers making so many individual adjustments to ensure students are motivated, engaged and ready to learn. Although we postponed some events earlier this term due to the snap lockdown, swimming recommenced last week and the 7-3 class and the students in MAG are enjoying being back in the pool. Swimming is always a popular and much loved program at BSESC. We are also able to recommence the Mullaloo Coastal Community excursion on Tuesdays. The 8-2 class travel to Mullaloo coast to experience nature and gain an understanding of helping the community while developing an appreciation for and discovering more about a local natural coastal environment.

Students attended a middle school assembly last Friday where we were able to celebrate student and staff birthdays as well as present a number of students with certificates of achievement. Students have also been working hard to demonstrate Safe, Respectful and Responsible behaviours in order to gain raffle tickets. We draw the raffle at every middle school assembly and students are able to win canteen vouchers so that they can purchase something yummy to eat or drink of their choice. We had a large number of raffle tickets which tells us that students have excelled at demonstrating Belridge SESC values, which is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Student councillors met last Monday to sign their student council contracts and to participate in some forward planning. Over the coming weeks student councillors will be involved in some important decision-making processes across the school that myself and Mrs Hughes (Senior School Deputy Principal) will be coordinating.

Middle school classes will continue to focus on the importance of being a good friend, and individual strategies to self-regulate and ensure we are in the green zone and ready to learn. We will continue to provide students with strategies that they can draw upon to combat any challenges and difficulties that they may experience along the way. I am extremely proud of the middle school cohort and the effort they are putting in each and every day. It is great to see so many smiling faces walk through the front gate every morning. I always look forward to the enthusiastic conversations that I am having with students at break times and I am so pleased to see so many students engaged in classroom activities. There are so many great things happening at Belridge SESC and I thank teachers and education assistants for making learning so engaging so that our students are able to have success each and every day.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

Middle School Student Councillors 2021

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Senior School News

Here we are again in the middle of the unknown! Work Place Learning, Community Access visits, Excursions and Swimming all had to be placed on hold whilst the COVID guidelines were in place. Whilst there have been some restrictions to the activities we can do away from school, other educational programs have continued.

Last week at the Upper School assembly the student councillors were welcomed and congratulated. Their first task was to gather ideas from the student body for activities we could host during recess and lunch breaks. Our first meeting was held on Monday and I look forward to working with the council to implement some of their ideas.

Raffle Ticket Winners 29/4/21:

Massimo Amonini MAG2

Sarah Eiffler 12-2

Zoe Hough 12-1

Isaac Sharp 11-2

Carlo Schmidt 11-1

Jayden Merifield 10-3

Kade Sharkey 10-2

Theo McMillan 10-1

Cobra Café has been able to operate much to the delight of the staff. The Bobotie and Peppermint Crisp Tart were delicious! We have also been able to maintain barista skills with Coffee Club. Thank you to the Year 11s and 12s that provide this vital service.

The buddy class of 12-2 with 7-3 ran for the first time last Wednesday. This provided the opportunity for Year 12 boys to mentor and support the boys in 7-3. Games and activities that were presented by Ms Thompson certainly allowed for meaningful engagement. It looked and sounded like fun!

One issue of concern that has come to light in the past few weeks is irregular sleep patterns. Students who come to school tired become overwhelmed quickly and cannot focus on their work. It is imperative that students get a good night’s sleep, however in the current climate many students report that they are unable to get to sleep or cannot go back to sleep if they wake in the night. Recommended hours of sleep for older teens is 8 ¼ hours. If you are experiencing difficulty with your child’s sleep patterns help them to:

1. Follow a regular sleep schedule

2. Avoid napping in the late afternoon or evening

3. Develop a bedtime routine

4. Try not to watch television or use your computer, mobile phone or tablet in the bedroom.

Requests for Year 10s to obtain a USI (Unique Student Identifier) number have gone home. Having a USI assists us in enrolling students in courses and programs. Please call me if you are having difficulties in obtaining a USI.

Please - take care and stay safe!

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Senior School

Senior School Student Councillors 2021

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Thank you to Transperth

Many of our senior school students use public transport whilst participating in Community Access or Work Place Learning programs.

In preparation for these programs students in Year 10 are involved in presentations and station tours by Transperth Education Officers.

During a presentation earlier in the year the Transperth Education Officer discovered that the bus stops on Gwendoline Drive do not conform to disability standards making it very difficult to alight the bus if in a wheelchair.

During the recent school holidays upgrades were done to bus stops on either side of Gwendoline Drive lowering the kerb height and also adding new bus shelters.

We would like say a big thank you to David McMahon from Transperth for making theses changes happen making public transport travel easier for our students.

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Welcome back to school MAG1. We have hit the ground running with students jumping straight back into the routines established in Term 1. I am very impressed with how students have settled back into school and loved hearing about all the exciting things everyone experienced over the holidays.

To celebrate Mother's Day students made a beautiful canvas for each of our lovely Mums in their Art sessions. To create their masterpiece, students added different acrylic paints to a white pouring medium which was then poured onto and moved around the canvas in all directions to cover the entire canvas in paint. Students will be making more artwork to sell at our annual Market Day which takes place at the end of the year.

We have several exciting things to look forward to in the coming weeks including swimming sessions recommencing, a SciTech incursion called 'Nature's Ninjas' and regular excursions to Coles and Zone Bowling.

This term students have been making a shopping list and heading to our local Coles to purchase items for weekly cooking sessions. Students have made Anzac biscuits to celebrate Anzac Day, smoothies and yummy cupcakes to name a few.

Students attend excursions to strengthen the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom. At school we practice self-regulation strategies and social skills that can be reinforced in the real world environment as well as providing opportunities for positive shared experiences that help build peer and staff relationships.

Nichola Manship & Tracy Buckley

MAG1 Teachers

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WOW, time is flying this year - Term 2 already!

Communication has been a huge focus in MAG 2 this semester. Each student has been working on an individualised program to build their communication and confidently interact with students and staff around the school. I must commend Kynan, Jeremy, Massimo and Michael for their willingness to support staff with jobs around the school and using these opportunities to interact with other staff and students - whether it is just to say 'Hello' or ask a question.

Along with working on our IEP goals this term, MAG 2 students have been working hard to practice their social skills and turn taking while engaging in games of Uno and Triominoes a few afternoons each week. It has been a great opportunity to build their skills and socialise in a structured way in the classroom.

Although we missed a couple of weeks at Landsdale Farm earlier this term, MAG 2 students continued to build and develop their work skills by raking the MAG grassed area and sweeping the undercover area. Since returning to Landsdale Farm on a Thursday, the cooler weather has enabled us to generalise our work skills in other areas of the farm such as the garden and other common areas.

A massive thank you to our fantastic Education Assistants - Mrs Melia, Mrs Devaney, Mrs Hogan and Mr Nethercott for all the amazing work you do to make our classroom what it is!

Keep up the amazing work Kynan, Michael, Jeremy and Massimo.

Katherine Vales

MAG 2 Teacher

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Class 7-1 has had a wonderful end of Term One and start of Term Two. The students have been working hard on their IEP goals in English, Mathematics, HASS, Health, Art and Sport. They are also now doing Mathletics in Mathematics time then doing a whole class reward of Minecraft Education when their work is done. They have been practising bike riding and soccer as a class on Mondays and Fridays. The students made some Mother's Day succulents and have done some watering in the garden. The highlights of the week are Sport, playing games and reading in the library and doing activities with our Year 9 buddy class.

The students really enjoyed the SciTech incursion in Week Four which included a Ninja show and workshop. The students were discussing what animals blend with different habitats, did some team work on soil samples and worked on predicting microbes.

In Home Economics with Ms Hill, the students have been cooking lots of different types of foods. Some of the meals they have prepared are pizzas, apple cakes, scrambled eggs on toast, toasted sandwiches, banana smoothies and biscuits for Mother's Day. In Science they have been learning about habitats and adaptations. In Technology, the students have been doing coding and Minecraft activities.

Daisy Llanwarne

7-1 Teacher

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7-2 Have been working hard on their IEP goals this term. Below are some photos of us working hard.

Chloe Jordan

7-2 Teacher

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Half way through Term 2 already and what have the 7-3 class been up to I hear you ask?

These amazing individuals have been cooking up a storm in their Home Economics classes. They have participated in a SciTech incursion looking at animals' super powers or adaptations. The 7-3 students have also been contemplating the worlds of Economics and Business in their HASS classes.

Students have been taking on two hydrogen atoms mixed with one oxygen atom in their swimming classes. Flexing their team work skills, the talented 7-3 have been working on a class project of making a poster to celebrate Naidoc week. They even found some time to work on the school recycling program. Very Impressive.

It has been a busy term, but these wonderful individuals, both students and staff have made a great start to the term. Keep up the good work everybody!

Simon Malloy

The 7-3 Team

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The students in 8-1 have had an awesome start to Term 2. It is great to see how the students are developing their initiative regarding class routines and expectations.

The students have continued to develop their responsible skills in many ways. Kopelynn always shows responsibility for her belongings by making sure her class items are put away. Brock is developing his initiative and starting his work when he enters the classroom. It has been amazing to see how students take responsibility for their actions.

All students show respect by using their manners and asking permission. Joel has been consistent in English with his work and always uses his manners. Liam is respectful when asking questions and James is considerate of others throughout the day while Ashleigh likes to read to other students during reading time.

We all like to be safe in the classroom and in the school environment. Ateequ and Dean walk together moving from subject to subject. Eliana will walk as part of the class group and does not like to leave anyone behind.

We like to go into the garden every week. We listen to a story then we explore all the aspects of the garden. It is great to see the students helping staff collect the school produce. The class also has time to practice movement skills by following an obstacle course. So many of the students in 8-1 have improved this semester.

Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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Year 8-2 have begun Term 2 with gusto.

We are visiting Mullaloo Beach dunes every Tuesday to assist with a dune restoration project. Students and teachers have been pulling out weeds and watering the young plants that have been planted. Last Tuesday we saw one of the small marsupials that live there, a Quenda in the dune area.

In HASS we are learning about Medieval Europe, the feudal system and the way people lived during this part of history. We are all relieved that we live in 2021!

In Science we have made models of igneous rock out of melted chocolate, and metamorphic rocks out of layers of playdough we have then applied pressure to.

In English we are studying the way authors describe characters in texts and learning about adjectives and proper nouns.

Last week Miss Thompson organised a SciTech incursion about animals. This was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Students also decorated ceramic owl tea light candle holders for Mother's Day and used the computer and Publisher to produce a Mother's Day card.

All our students are presently looking forward to publishing their books about their favourite things that they have designed and written using Microsoft PowerPoint during Digital Technology. We are looking forward to reading these and watching the digital presentation using the digital projector.

Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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This term, 9-1 have been working SO hard with their independent tasks and striving to complete their work to the best of their ability AS ALWAYS! They make me so proud to be their classroom teacher.

We have been focusing on the definition of the word 'Predicting' and what it means to have an educated guess with certain things we may not always know the answer to. This has worked fantastically within subjects such as English, Maths and Science!

Last term, after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and thoroughly enjoying it, we decided to read the story Matilda this term which is also written by Roald Dahl. Students are LOVING it! What a great story by an amazing author. We are looking forward to comparing and contrasting the novel and the movie at the end of this term.

Keira Savin

9-1 Teacher

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We kicked of Term 2 with lots of birthdays! Chrystal and Marcus had their birthdays in the Easter holidays and our very own Ms Leroy and Ms Stracey celebrated theirs too! Needless to say there has been lots of cake!

Our students are really enjoying spending their weekly reward money in our Finance and Budgeting lessons. Each week, they work out how much money they have made, choose from a list of rewards (a competitive game of Uno with Mrs McDade being the most popular), budget their money to ensure they have enough or choose to save for next week and get a bigger reward.

In Science, the students have begun looking at the Solar System and exploring different planets using the Expedition App on the Ipads. In addition to this, the students had a great time at the SciTech incursion organised by Miss Thompson.

In HASS, we have been exploring the world in our tourism project. We have completed Australia and its neighbours and we are now exploring the many diverse countries in Africa.

And of course we are still very much enjoying our collaborated PE lessons with 9-1.

I would like to point out once again, how proud I am of the students in 9-2 for their maturity when dealing with mask wearing in school. They all wore their masks with no problems and were a fantastic representation for the school.

Janine Notarianni

9-2 Teacher

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Welcome back to all from 10-1.

It's been wonderful welcoming everyone back. The students have embraced work routines and activities with enthusiasm. We have been very busy ...

  • Recounting our holiday activities for the class and making Mother's Day cards and picture frames.
  • Participating in group activities like phonics Go-Fish Card Game, Maths Place Value Exchange Game, Make Ten addition and Money & Time Bingo.

We are very happy we can now go back to our Community Access excursions.

The students are continuing with the rest of their standard Australian Curriculum and activities within school including: DFES, Home Ec and Photography.

A big thank you to Ms McCamish, Mrs Hanahoe, Ms Bagiatis, Mrs Adams and Ms Dunstan for their hard work, dedication and support in the teaching and learning of our beautiful students in 10-1.

Susan Osborne

10-1 Teacher

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We have had an interesting start to the term, with the lockdown and mask wearing restrictions but the students have managed very well.

In Science this semester the students are learning about Biology and traits of different animals. We have enjoyed a SciTech incursion which included a 'Natures Ninja Show' and participated in a 'Natures Ninja Workshop'. Everyone had an enjoyable time! Thank you Miss Thompson for organising this.

In DFES the students have been learning about Basic First Aid as part of their ASDAN Personal Safety Course. They have been role playing different scenarios and practicing DRSABCD responses.

In Health we have been learning about the different types of bullying and what they look like. We have completed a number of reflection exercises on how our own behaviour can affect others and the importance of managing our reactions. We have also explored a number of strategies we can use when faced with different bullying situations and practiced our assertive communication skills. We have revisited hygiene and puberty and the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices and behaviours to keep us healthy.

We are looking forward to continuing our Community Access this week with a visit to Neil Hawkins Park and Central Walk in Joondalup. Next week we will be visiting Wanneroo Cultural Centre, which will be an interesting and informative excursion.

Aileen Finn

10-2 Teacher

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Term Two has got off to a great start, with the class working well across all learning areas.

In English, the class has just finished reading 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl, it was a wonderful read, enjoyed by all. The students are now reading 'Wheels' by Delwyne Stephens, which is proving to be just as popular.

In HASS, the class are learning about World War II, studying the major events of the conflict, and the experiences of Australians at home and abroad.

As part of their DFES course, the students have been learning First Aid skills, including DRSABCD and recently enjoyed an incursion presented by the staff of St John Ambulance.

In Mathematics, the students have been working hard to improve their money skills, which will be put into practice in upcoming Community Access Excursions.

You are very welcome to contact me at school anytime. My email address is

Stephen McMahon

10-3 Teacher

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Due to COVID restrictions, the Year 11-1 students were not able to access their usual programs such as Workplace Learning and ASDAN: Out in the Community. However, they worked hard in class on their goals from their Individual Education Plans and ASDAN files. The DFES excursion has been rescheduled for Monday 31st May, which is Week 7 of this term.

The Beyond School Information Evening also had to be postponed, but we look forward to seeing parents at the rescheduled date. This is always a great night for our Senior students.

11- 1 students presented a PowerPoint at the recent Upper School Assembly. I am very proud of all the students who stood up at the front of the assembly and spoke into the microphone. The students each had a slide that showed photographs of them at Workplace Learning or participating in the Workskills Program in class.

This term we have welcomed a new student Carlo, to our class and school. Carlo received a Merit Certificate at our recent Assembly and his name was also randomly drawn from the raffle box therefore receiving a canteen voucher. Carlo consistently shows safe, respectful and responsible behaviour.

Students were busy creating their Mother's Day presents and cards. This involved the students 'marbling' a white mug with their own chosen design. They then put a coffee bag, teabag and chocolate into their decorated mug with a coaster, then wrapped it in bubble wrap and cellophane. Students also took photos of each other, which were printed to put into white frames that had been decorated with their chosen pattern for the border. They all enjoyed making these personalised gifts. I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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What better way to share this term's news than to have the students share their favourite things so far from this term!

Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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Term 2 started with covid restrictions and so it was a few weeks before the class could get back to their usual routine of WPL twice a week and shopping for Meal Preparation ingredients.

Congratulations to Haya Menz who was named a Student Councillor at the final Assembly in Term 1. Well done!

Students are steadily working through their 4 ASDAN courses and it’s pleasing to see they are showing improving skills in all areas.

We have made some yummy meals and desserts in Meal Preparation and continue to wash cars every Thursday to complete our Business Enterprise module and raise funds for the Perth Hills Bushfire Appeal.

Students are getting a great deal of practice working in a team and following instructions across all modules.

The whole Year 12 group (12-1 and 12-2) enjoyed an informative DFES excursion to Kings Park for ANZAC day where the students learnt more about the ANZACs and the memorials and their meanings.

Graduation photos have been taken for our Graduation Night at the end of the year and all students looked fantastic in their gowns and sashes. Baby photos have also started coming in for use in the final graduation night.

With Mother’s Day just gone students were very creative with their gifts and cards for their wonderful mums/nans and grans.

As a class we are looking forward to commencing WPL and getting back to our weekly routines.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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It has been great to welcome back all the students and staff in the 12-2 team. I hope everyone had a relaxing, well-deserved term break. All of the students are to be commended on their flexibility and positive attitudes regarding wearing their masks.

This term, we have commenced a peer support program with Mr Malloy's Year 7 students. The Year 12 students have enjoyed showing the Year 7's various team games and are developing their leadership and role modelling skills.

The class enjoyed creating Mother's Day artwork by 'blowing ink' to create abstract images. Students were shown various techniques and then each practiced these before creating their final masterpiece. We hope the Mums enjoyed their gift!

This term, the class has created an 'Around the World' menu for Cobra Cafe. So far they have prepared Bobotie and Peppermint Crisp Tart from South Africa and Chicken Chimichangas and Mexican Brownies from Mexico.

In Wednesday Workshop, Hayley, Alisha, Sarah and William have begun planning a Directions Sign for the Fairy Garden, They have chosen destinations such as Neverland, Hogwarts and Wonderland and we look forward to seeing the end product.

Lauren Thompson

12-2 Teacher

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