Ridge Tech & Learning

13 May 2016

What's the Hype About Hyperdocs?

Find out! A hyperdoc is created using Google Docs or Google Slides that contains links to articles, videos, or other resources, and directions for students to follow that guides their learning - all from one place! Students have a chance to discover and develop new knowledge based on tasks created in a hyperdoc. Students create products to demonstrate their new knowledge and share with a greater(maybe even global) audience. Finally, students are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned.

This type of teaching allows for critical thinking, deeper learning, small-group or individual instruction, blended learning, differentiation, and personalization. Teachers LOVE creating hyperdocs and are inspired by the learning possibilities afforded by using hyperdocs.

Look at this hyperdoc I created: What is a Hyperdoc? Within, there is a link to a Hyperdocs folder that contains all sorts of templates and examples that you can copy directly to your Google Drive.

Let me know if you have questions! I would love to talk to you about it.

Canvas - End of the Year Actions

Basically, there are three actions you can take at the end of a term in Canvas.

1. Do nothing now and then, at the beginning of next school year:

  • Go to Settings in new course
  • Import content into this course
  • Copy a Canvas course
  • Search for the course(all active courses) or search by course name(must include completed courses to see previous years' courses)
  • Content and due dates
  • Select content requires you to check what you would like to include

2. Export course as a Common Cartridge

  • Go to Settings in current course
  • Export course content
  • Select the content to export
  • Save the file somewhere safe so you can import it into new course next year
  • Share the course to the Commons
  • Go to Settings in current course

3. Share to Commons

  • Choose Only Me
  • Copy course from Commons to new course next year