Unfound Creature of BMS

A Mystery That Lurks in Our Halls

Does the unfound creature of BMS exist?

A Little History About the Creature...

In 2016 a rumor of a small, fury monster started circulating in the halls of Beach Middle School. Then on May 11th, 2016 the rumor grew when Mrs. Poole reported several strange happenings in the halls after school. According to her reports, there has a been some very strange occurrences once the halls are empty. Some of these include an organized lost and found bin, the trash cans empty themselves and her Mt. Dew bottle continues to go missing ("Monster in the Halls", 2016). These were the first official reports of strange happenings at Beach Middle School. Since then, there have been several reporters and monster hunters roaming the halls during after school hours in hopes of catching a glimpse of this unfound creature (Zapor, 2016). To this day, people still question its existence.

Modern Day Research: What has been found up till now?

May 12th, 2016 - Hairballs found in all corners of the school. Hair is a strange red color. Not natural ("Fox in School?", 2016).

May 13th 2016 - Hair was analyzed by Mr. Riedel and was found to be fox hair. Some are not sure that this is accurate as it seems weird that a fox would be in a middle school ("Fox in School?", 2016).

May 27th, 2016 - Student claims to have been attacked by strange red fur-ball in the printer room at Beach Middle School. Student had scratches on hands and traces of ink under fingernails. A rumor was spread that this particular student may have faked the attack in order to avoid completing an English genre project assignment in the 7th grade ("Dangerous Monster or Dangerously Lazy", 2016).

What are the theories?

Theory 1 - The creature is just a fox. People have jumped to conclusions based on some fur found in the hallways.

Theory 2 - The monster is used as a scapegoat by students who do not want to complete their school work.

Theory 3 - The creature lives in the school and only comes out when everyone is gone. It seems to like to organize, clean and drink Mt. Dew.

What I Believe...

After much consideration and research, I have decided that this monster is not real. There is no real evidence that the monster exists and all sightings have questionable sources. The fur was proven to belong to a fox so this shows that the fur did not belong to an unfound/unknown creature. If the monster likes to clean and organize the school would be much cleaner! Also, students at Beach Middle School are known for telling crazy stories to get out of homework (Zapor, 2016). I think that the most plausible explanation for the monster is that students are very imaginative and that they are ready for summer. This has led to the creation of the unfound creature.
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Although the distraction is enjoyable, the creature does not exist!

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