St Jerome's Newsletter

Week 2 - Term 3 (Thursday 30 July)

St Jerome’s Primary School acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners and Elders, both past and present, of the lands on which this school is located.

Dear Parents and members of our school community


We want all siblings to secure a Kindy place for 2021. If your child was born between 1/7/16 to 30/6/2017 then 2021 is their Kindy year.

Please call into the office and fill out an enrolment form or complete online.

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One of a Principal's greatest fears is that something will happen at school or in the car park that injures a student or community member. An absolutely dreadful fear is that there will be a fatal accident of some kind. I want everyone to just let that thought settle into your mind. How would you live with yourself if you were responsible for the death of one of our students?

Recently we have seen several carpark incidents that were literally 5cm away from a tragedy. Picture a huge 4 wheel drive vehicle reversing suddenly onto a small 4 year old child. Thankfully the alert mother accompanying her little one wrenched him to safety. The excuse of the driver? The sun was a distraction.

We see parents using their mobile phones and driving right across the pedestrian crossing, oblivious to the waiting families.

Please drive carefully, be courteous, be alert, and be as slow as you can be. Think of the terrible consequences if you cause an accident.

Here are some reminders of our expectations especially in the afternoon drive through:

1. If the cones are out at the start of the drive through, you need to park your car. When you wait behind the cones, this causes a huge bank up of cars along Rockingham Road. The City of Cockburn has specifically asked us to alert parents to this rule.

2. Please use the crosswalks when returning with your child/ren to your parked car.

3. Please leave promptly when you have collected your children. If we have lots of pedestrians still crossing at 3.15pm, this slows down the drive through.

4. When backing out, be super slow. Remember that small children may not be visible in your reversing camera view.

5. Do not try to turn right from Troode Street into Rockingham Road. This action causes a huge bank up of exiting cars. Put on your favourite radio station, turn left into Troode and take 5 minutes extra drive in safety.

6. Please do not allow children to play on the parish statue area. If you want to have a play and catch up with other parents, drive off to one of our lovely local parks.

7. Please do not use the back lane for pedestrian, bike or scooter access. It is too dangerous. Walk on the footpath in front of the church.

Enrolment in Local Catholic Secondary Schools

A reminder to parents of Year 3 & 4 Students: please make the the time to consider which of our local Catholic secondary schools you want your child to attend.

You must put in an application as soon as possible but do not leave this until Year 5. Interviews occur during Year 5 and there is no guarantee that your child will receive an offer simply because they are enrolled here.

Schools that our students go to include:

Seton Catholic College

Marchant Road

Samson 6163 Ph 9331 9600

Emmanuel Catholic College

122 Hammond Road

Success 6164 Ph 9414 4000

Christian Brothers' College (BOYS ONLY)

51 Ellen Street

Fremantle 6160 Ph 9336 2700

Iona Presentation College (GIRLS ONLY)

33 Palmerston Street

MOSMAN PARK 6012 Ph 9384 0066

Corpus Christi College

Murdoch Drive

Bateman 6150 Ph 6332 2500

Santa Maria College (GIRLS ONLY)

Stoneham Road

Attadale 6156 Ph 6330 0200

Local Secondary Government schools include:

Fremantle College

79 Lefroy Road

Beaconsfield 6162 Ph 9338 8900

They ask families to fill out enrolment forms early in the child's Year 6 year.

John Curtin College of the Arts

90 Ellen Street

Fremantle 6160 Ph 9433 7200

School Tour - Wednesday 5 August (9.15am)

From time to time St Jerome's Primary School conducts tours of the school. These are usually held during school time to help our prospective families gain a sense of our school in action.

We welcome you to see our facilities first-hand and experience the wonderful school community of which St Jerome's Primary School is most proud.

Please contact the office on Ph 9499 9500 to let us know that you will be joining us.

P & F Meeting: Tuesday 11 August - 7pm

This will be both an "in person" and a "Zoom" meeting.

If you cannot be here, then join us by Zoom. A link to the meeting will be sent home next week.

Helen O'Toole


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MJR Focus - Helping at Home and at School.

Early Learning Matters

Next week we celebrate EARLY LEARNING MATTERS WEEK, highlighting the importance of good quality education and care in the early years. The purpose of the week is to draw attention and raise awareness of the importance of early learning. At St Jerome’s we believe that through our partnerships with families, we support children to be confident, enthusiastic learners, building a strong foundation for wellbeing and achievement throughout their lives.

Vanessa Alaniz

AP Curriculum

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Book Club – Issue 5 (2020)

Book club orders must be finalised online

By Monday 10th August

Any orders placed after this date will incur a delivery fee and be delivered to your home.

Please use LOOP on scholastic website.

No cash payments or paper orders taken

Catalogues for Issue 5 have been handed out to classrooms.

IEP Meetings - Semester 2

Semester 2 IEP Meetings for funded students will be held in week 4 on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th August in the Meeting Room.

This year, as well as face to face meetings, we will offer the option to have a Zoom Parent Meeting if this is your preference.

Further details will follow early next term.


Joanna Roper

Disability Support Coordinator

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Beanies for Babies

A special thank you to those families who are generously supporting our knitting club with donations of wool or offering to knit some beanies at home.

Special thanks to Ilsa, Dora and our wonderful staff for helping during the sessions which will continue each Tuesday lunch time during this term.

The students had a great time learning to handle knitting needles and wool as they began their unique creation. Next week students will be given the option of knitting or crocheting. We are extremely happy to be supporting babies in KEMH and Beanies for Babies in the Pacific.


Joanna Roper

Dental News

South Coogee Dental Therapy Centre is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our staff are contacting parents via phone to make check-up appointments.

If your child is experiencing a toothache, don’t delay contacting the clinic, we have emergency appointments to accommodate toothaches / traumas.

Please note the School Dental services provides free general and preventive care for eligible children aged 5 to 17

Phone South Coogee: 94374826

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Cockburn Water Polo is a new club based at Cockburn ARC.

The Club would like to offer your students free come and try for the month of August 2020.

We are contactable via Cockburn Water Polo email, Facebook & Website (search Cockburn Water polo).

For further information contact

Natalie Turner


Cockburn Water Polo

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