Protect Yourself. Protect Your Friends. Dissolve the Problem


To spread awareness of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault by educating local communities and schools about the dangers of something that affects so many people nationwide through a variety of mediums.


  • Women are most likely to be raped outside, by strangers in dark alleyways.
  • It can't/won’t happen to me. Rape is an isolated, infrequent event that only happens to certain kinds of people: attractive, young women who are promiscuous or provocative.


Safety Precautions

  • Call 9-1-1

  • Leave the party, bar, club, etc. in a safe manner (via taxi, if necessary) and go to somewhere safe and familiar

  • Call friends/family that you know will be able to help you

  • Stop drinking

  • Visit the closest rape crisis center, where necessary tests and paperwork can be filed and completed. You can call 1-800-656-HOPE for access to the National Sexual Assault Hotline. This is available 24/7.

Date Rape Prevention PSA

Reality Check

Victims will speak and allow for open discussion and questions to be answered during this time.
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