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Welcome Back!

I am excited about our new year together! I can’t wait to get started with some more co-teaching lessons and coaching cycles. Please know I am here for you and want to help you! I have a couple of new ideas for this year based on your feedback from last year, and I can’t wait to share that with you. For those of you that are new, I send out a Coaching Connection each week with all of the important dates and information for the following week.

Meet Your Instructional Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I truly believe teachers make a huge impact on the life of a child, but I know the stress that comes with the responsibility of teaching. Teachers have the hardest jobs, and I am here for you. I want to work together to help each child reach their full potential! I look forward to providing you with support, sharing ideas and co-teaching.

GCSD Initiative: Student-Centered Coaching for ALL Teachers!

We are ahead of the game!

What is student-centered coaching?

Student-centered coaching is when a coach partners with teachers to provide support that is data based and helps all students move towards mastery of standards. In order to increase student learning, the coach and teachers should partner together to design a rigorous learning environment that has specific objectives and goals. All instruction should be differentiated and based on the specific needs of each student according to student work and data analysis. The coach and teachers should focus on best practices when designing lessons and fully understand that technology, textbooks, and other resources are used as a tool for helping each student progress. These resources do not replace instruction.

Gateway Reference Page

One major concern I heard last year is how it was hard to find things on the Team Drive. We will be adding this Reference Page link to your Favorites Toolbar so you can always find the resources you need easily.
Gateway Reference Page Links

Please let me know if you want anything else added. Also please be careful not to change the links or delete anything. :)

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Gateway Staff Google Classroom

Click on the link below to sign on to Google Classroom.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner. Then click "Join Class."

Type in our class code and click "join."

Class Code: aulsdv

We will be using this in meetings all year to let you easier click on agenda links, PD links, etc.

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Be Brave... Try Something New!

Gateway Staff Introductions- Tell us about yourself and your favorite summer memory.

Please use the link provided to leave a short video clip to introduce yourself and your favorite summer memory. All you need to do is click the link provided and then enter the code from below. Allow access to your audio and then click the video camera to record! You can even respond to other videos on there too! When you finish the Flipgrid activity, mark this assignment as done.

Grid Password: Gators18

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Summer Grade Level and Leadership Dates

August 1-

8:15-11:15 4th Grade Level Meeting and Challenge

12:15-3:15 Related Arts and 5th Grade Level Meeting

August 2-

Leadership Retreat: Faculty Council

August 7-

8:15-11:15 K5 and K4 Grade Level Meeting

12:15-3:15 1st and RTI Grade Level Meeting

August 9-

8:15-11:15 2nd Grade Level Meeting

12:15-3:15 SPED and 3rd Grade Level Meeting

Back to School Dates

August 13- Teachers First Day Back!

7:45 Breakfast and Meeting

12:30- Gator Club Lunch at Susan's House (416 Hidden Hills Drive)

August 14-

8:15- Duty Schedule Meeting (Non-Classroom Teachers)

9:15- K4, K5, and 1st Grade Meeting

10:15- 2nd and 3rd Grade Meeting

11:15- 4th, 5th, RA, and SPED Grade Meeting

11:30- Burritos

August 15-

1:30- Ice Cream

August 16-

8:15- PowerTeacher Pro Setup for Grades 2-5

9:15- PowerTeacher Pro Setup for Related Arts

10:00- Staff Picture

11:30- Duke's Lunch

5:00-6:30- Back to School Night

August 17-

9:00- Brunch

9:00- 4th Grade STEAM Meeting

10:00- 5th Grade STEAM Meeting

August 20-

Student's First Day

7:30- BooHoo Breakfast for K5 Parents


Please go ahead and write down the dates for all meetings using the calendars below for this year so there will be no conflicts. They don't follow an exact pattern this year because of the change with district administration meetings. Thank you!
2018-2019 PD Calendar

We will not have a set schedule this year due to district meetings.

2018-2019 Gator Club Calendar

This is for all staff members new to Gateway this year.

2018-2019 Grade Level Mini Session Calendar

These meetings are during the day.

Grade Level Meeting Minutes Template

Please copy this template and send to Susan, Barbara, and Katie each week.

I am here to help!

I am here to help you in anyway. Just email me or put a Curriculum Support Menu in my box or office.