Digital Citizenship Project

Jeffrey Wolff

Digital Etiquette

Rule: Be kind. Treat people the way you wanna be treated, watch what you say, share, post ECT.And if you post something of someone else make sure is ok with the person .

Information Privacy

rule: Watch what you do on the internet and also what you post on the internet.Thing that pop up you don't want to click on it because of spaming will pop up in your mile and it can hack you so be careful.

Social networking

rule:You should not share anything or post any pictrues that you would not want your mom too see,teachers,potential employers or college admissions officers to see!

Online Safety

online safety:keep your info too your self and with your passwords too you self its ask your mom or dad is its ok to do the stuff you do.


cyberbullying:you should never fight back they just want to get a reaction out of you so why play into your hands.


plagiarism: done take anyones else work online with out putting "marks" and putting down the website.


Copyright: You cant just take something from the web.