Come to Planet GJ1214B!

(aka Big Girl Landia)

Interesting Facts:

  • GJ 1214b is classified as a water-world, and is the only example of such a planet yet to be discovered. Also despite it being hot, its high atmospherically pressures would stop its ocean from boiling! It is thought GJ 1214b once orbited in the habitable zone around its host star, which may have allowed life to exist in its warm oceans. So it's nice to go for a little swim!

This is a great place to live!!

Some important things to know!

  • Diameter- 34,325.1 km
  • Distance from sun- 1.3 million miles (2 million km)
  • Average temperature- hot planet 200c (392f)
  • Length of day- one and a half days to make complete orbit
  • Length of year- 243.3 days
  • Number of moons- NONE
  • Number of rings- NONE
  • How old would I be if I lived on this planet- 27 years old
  • What would be gravity- 8.82
  • I would weigh- 1,014.3 pounds
  • Distance from Earth- 42 light years away
  • It would take 782,390.263 days to get there
  • I would be 107 years old

Some things that aren't too good :/

Even though this planet it very pretty it is very hot which you really wouldn't be able to survive that good. The water is practically gas so you wouldn't be able to rink so you could survive. Also another reasoning is that it's so far away and it would take soo long to get to that most people probably wouldn't make it to even see their new planet. But we could try to over come these problems, like we could bring a lot of water from earth to our new planet so them we could survive better. Also another way is that we could try to think of ways to cool off since its going to be so hot(: