Teks questions

Aidan Goldman

Compare and contrast prokaryotes to eukaryotes.

Prokaryotic cells are usually single celled organisms while eukaryotic cells are usually multicellular organisms. They both have a nucleus and share many of the same organelles while some differ.

Could Bacteria-Fighting Viruses Replace Overused Antibiotics?

Yes I suppose they could although there could be a few more negative possibilities than positives. The viruses could rapidly mutate and could be harmful to the human body but then again, they might not and could help. This is a risky experiment but it could pay off well.

Why are bacteria so different from other cells?

They have different functions than most other cells and some Bacteria is good while others could potentially harm us or other organisms.

What is penicillin and its effects on viruses

Penicillin is a medicine or treatment that kills viruses and prevents them from spreading.

Can bacteria live without a host?

Yes but they can't reproduce with out a host organism

If the bacteria in a human's stomach that helps break down food is being killed off, how will that affect the human's digestive system.

It won't be able to break down food and digest food. You will have to be on medication or you could die.

If a virus was to penetrate through a body to invade the host, how to the virus continue to reproduce to stay alive in the body

it would replicate and rapidly mutate into new forms and spread.

Are viruses living or non living.

Viruses are living things and can reproduce and replicate to grow and expand.