Wanted Dead or Alive Ebola

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a Virus

Mug Shot

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Victim Under Attack

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Parts of Ebola

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Beware of Attacks

Ebola attacks the immune system and block signals to white blood cells to stop the invaders.

There are different strands of the Virus including Zaire, Sudan and Ivory in Africa.

The Virus is transmitted through fluid contact with a infected person.


People in Africa where the Virus thrives are most at risk to catch the Virus.

Doctors and Medical Staff have been known to contract the Virus while treating infected patients.

Crime Against the Body

Ebola sneaks into your body and causes Fever, Headache, Muscle Pain and Chills while it infects your cells.

If Ebola is not treated then death will be most likely for the victim.


Ebola hides in people and infected animals in some parts of Africa. Be careful not to touch your friend just incise of infection.

Weapons to defend your self

Be careful not to share fluids with those infected including touch to the skin.

There aren't any immunizations know and you can just keep your self not infected by staying away from others infected.

If you are infected there are experimental vaccines that haven't been cleared to be 100% safe but are better to be used that a certain death.