Restoring the Gulf Coast

By: Drew Psencik, Kayla Houser, and Kyle Mendenhall

Who cares?

What's the deal with the Gulf Coast? Oil, and lots of it. After the BP Oil Spill, oil has been spewing out of the drill for years now and oil is everywhere, destroying the ocean's ecosystem, and our economy.

The Great Invisible

  • Used many survivors of the explosion to showcase what life was like on the rig.
  • BP had no interest in the making of this film.
  • Went into great detail over the before, during, and after the explosion.
The Great Invisible | Official Trailer


Source 1

  • Article over an oyster farmer suffering from the oil spill.
  • "Since the spill, he says, "the availability of seed on the public reefs is almost nonexistent."
  • Profits from oysters had halved since the spill.
  • Almost every species had dropped at least 20%.
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Source 2

  • The oil was not contained and it migrated.
  • Other wildlife migrated to the source of the oil.
  • One species that was widely affected was turtles which are now endangered.
  • The impact of the spill was wider than the Gulf of Mexico.
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Source 3

Essay done by a student at the University of New Hampshire.

  • Effects on people such as deaths, money loss, ruined living situations
  • U.s used 18 million barrels of oil per day
  • Deepwater Horizon oil spill was voted the most unavoidable oil spoil

How can we help?

  • There are many companies that are focusing on restoring the coast and preventing it from happening again.
  • Manufacturers should be limited to what they dump into the ocean.
  • More people should be required to maintain oil rigs.
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