The United Kingdom

By Kyle Hammond

History of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom joined the European Union on 1973. It is not a founding country of the European Union. The United Kingdom used to be in separate section but it was never part of another country. The United Kingdom is in the Atlantic Ocean and it is on the far West side of Europe.

The United Kingdom's Flag

The United Kingdom's flags have changed over history. In 1603 when the Queen died they made a flag in her tribute. Then in 1606 the UK changed their flag again to the Union flag. Next in 1801 they changed it to the Irish flag then they changed it to the flag today

Capital and Major Cities of the UK

The capital of the United Kingdom is London. Four major cities there are Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasqow,Bristol.
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Tourism in the UK

There are a lot of attractions in the United Kingdom like Big Ben, The London Towers, and the Stonehenge. You should visit these places because they are places to say that you've been to.
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Physical Features of the UK

The United Kingdom has rolling hill with some patches of mountains. It also has large lakes like the Lough Neagh Lake.

Government type of the UK

The government type of the United Kingdom is a monarch. The monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.
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Currency Type

The currency type of the UK is Pounds. The United Kingdom is one of the few European countries that don't use Euros.

Interesting Facts

-The UK Currently has the population of 64 million

-In the UK there are more chickens than humans

-People Drink 165 million cups of tea a day in the UK