By: Moriah Uybengkee

Elmer Figueroa Arce (1968 - )

-Grandes Éxitos

-A Solas Con Chayanne

-Mi tiempo

Wise words of Chayanne

"Never let love become a routine. You have to add water to the garden so that the flowers will not wilt."
- Chayanne

Some songs of Chayanne

  • Yo Te Amo
  • Tu Boca
  • Te echos de menos
  • Quiero Bailar Contigo
Quiero Bailar Contigo was written in 2014

Life of Chayanne


  1. Chayanne stated in a group called Los Chicos, but in 1983 he parted ways with the band and pursued a solo career.
  2. Started 14-city U.S. tour in 1999.
  3. April 2011 sold out tour in Ecuador with a crowd of 20,911
  4. More than 25 Gold and 30 Platinum recordings with two Grammy nominations
  5. Touring mainly in Hispanic countries (present)

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