By Carleigh


Did you know that some crops can survive very short droughts because they can absorb a lot of water at a time? There are many fascinating parts to a drought but not very fascinating if you are in one. Hope you enjoy the facts!

Stopage of rain

Not enough rain for a long time is considered a drought. Inormal stoppage of rain can be very bad for people and there health. So, a drought can be very long and frightful for a lot of people.

Where droughts do and do not happen

Many droughts are near the equator. But, depletion normally doesn't effect big areas. But, some of the worst droughts are in East Africa.

Death because of droughts

Many people die because of droughts mainly because they can't find enough food. The dust bowl was the worst drought in history. One dust storm killed 300,000 people, from not enough water.

Types of drought

There are only 4 types of drought. But only 2 are long and very scary for all the people that are in long droughts. So, the 2 other kinds are't that long but are still bad. But these are the two that I love. Permanent drought so, that means that in deserts it always has a drought going on.


Did you know that the longest drought in the world lasted 2 years? There are many types of a drought that are very sad but, they are also very amazing so I hope that you will study further about droughts!