Liberty and Equality for ALL

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Why Choose Liberalism

You might be wondering, why choose liberalism when there are a ton of other party's? Well you see in liberalism we believe in the governments action to help out and achieve equal opportunity for everyone.We also believe that the government should reduce social conflicts and protect the rights of individuals.

Economic Beliefs

In liberalism we believe that a market in which the government regulates the economy is the best.This means that the people help make decisions and are involved in economic decisions.Also that the government must protect smaller businesses

or citizens from the bigger companies.We also believe that the wealthy should be taxed more than the lower class.They should lower the taxed for them.Also that the government should help out the people in need for example the poor does who are in need.Taxing enables us to create new jobs for people and provide help.

Social Beliefs

Some of our social beliefs are that we believe that we support legal immigration and also give a pardon or sort forgiveness for those who have entered the United States illegally.We also believe that illegal immigrants have some rights.For example they should receive education and health benefits also the same rights as legal American citizens.We also support same-sex marriage.We believe that not given same-sex citizens the right to marry denies them form their civil rights.We are about change and moving forward.

Liberalism is Great

Liberalism is the best ideology, why? We focus on your freedom and rights.We also believe that government should step in some ways to help out so everyone gets treated the same , equality.We also want to have non-violence in coming to agreements we want everyone to be happy.Also that the government should not take away our freedoms,rights and liberty from us. That's why we are different then the other ideologies and we are the best.
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