Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Vertical Manuscript and Cursive Handwriting

Year Developed

Zaner-Bloser became part of Highlights for Children, publisher of the popular children's magazine, in 1972. The copyright date for the latest publication for second grade is 2012.

Target Audience:

  • Designed for the general education population during whole group instruction

  • Easily accommodated for small group, special education students, and ELL students

  • Curriculum available for grades PreK-8



Approximately $1500 for a class of 30 students, including the related materials.

Statement of Educational Philosophy

  • Strong communication skills make a world of difference and with explicit handwriting instruction, your students can become more effective communicators.
  • It’s proven that better handwriting skills lead to better literacy skills.
  • Developmentally appropriate handwriting instruction, delivered in a consistent, ongoing manner, is a proven critical component of overall literacy development.


  • The program content supports diverse learners in many different ways
  • Prerequisite skills are explicitly stated
  • Skills reappear throughout the curriculum to ensure sufficient exposure and practice
  • Content is appropriate for intended audience
  • Many areas for individualized instruction
  • Bias-free materials

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