George W. Bush

The history of the 43rd President.

  • George W. bush was born on JULY 6, 1942
  • He was the oldest of six children
  • The Bush family has been involved in business and politics since the 1950's
  • In 1948, George H. W. Bush moved his family including his son George W to Midland, TX.
  • George W's father served as Director of the C.I.A, Vice President and President of the United States
  • In Midland George H. W. Bush made his fortune in the oil business
  • Young George W. Bush spent most his childhood at school in Midland, TX until his family moved to Houston when he was in 7th Grade
  • He was sent to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA to student and play sports

Higher Education:

  • George W. Bush attended Yale University where his father and grandfather also attended
  • He also got a business degree from Harvard

Texas National Guard:

  • George W. Bush was accepted into the Texas National Guard
  • He trained to become a pilot

Life Before Governor:

  • George W. Bush moved back to Texas and started his own oil company
  • He married his wife Laura in 1977
  • Laura Bush was a librarian and teacher
  • They moved back to Midland, TX and had two twins Barbara and Jenna
  • He joined the United Methodist church
  • He sold his company for a place on an electric companies board of directors
  • In 1988, he purchased the baseball team the Texas Rangers


  • In 1994 he ran for governor against Anne Richards
  • George W. Bush was the first Texas governor voted for 2 terms in a row
  • He focused on cutting taxes and increasing spending on education


  • George W. Bush started campaining in 1999 for the 2000 election
  • He ran against Al Gore and it was a close race, but he won in the end
  • He worked hard to fix the damaged economy
  • 9-11 happened when he was president
  • He made the needed Homeland Security
  • He launched an invasion to Iraq to keep our people safe
  • He was re-elected in 2004

After Presidency:

  • George W. Bush opened a library at SMU
  • He helped people with AIDS in Africa
  • He helped rebuild Haiti with Bill Clinton

I picked George W. Bush because he gave the citizens hope after 9-11. I think he is a great role model.

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