Harlem Renaissance

The Rebirth of African Culture

Flash Back in Time

Chicago, Washington, and New York City paper boys yelling about the new upcoming jazz band, the new popular black prominent theatre play, and pressing controversial art pieces start the heat of cultural appreciations and sparking the historical event named the Harlem Renaissance. Strengthening in the 1920's, the larger northern cities of America exploded in the African communities, such as a bringing of attention to the blacks. Cultural appreciation and independence of the differences brought to life the everyday activities of the african american population added a new step and joy. The music was soulful, the art portrayed their struggles as a race, and the poetry hit on the topic of oppression.


Echoes of Spring--Willie The Lion Smith by inula99
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Dreams Deterred

When my dreams are deterred, or postponed, they tend to slowly fade away, wherever they go, and sometimes return when triggered. Usually the dreams are shot down by some individual, or a happenstance, and the dream is proved unachievable, or highly unlikely, and later abandoned.
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