Tiananmen Square

by: Mason Sprinkel

Background info

  • It started April 15,1989- June 4, 1989 and was a protest
  • Caused after the goverment outlawed Falun gong spiritual sect
  • the students were outraged of previosly stated because they were looking for official recognition
  • Outside of the forbidden city in Beijing
  • Chinese government vs university students
  • China thought the statue of “goddess of democracy” was an insult to the government
  • The statue was a gift and arrived in the square on May 29

What happened during the protest

  • Most of it is shrouded in mystery because the students where cut off of social media when it started
  • Local police couldn’t stop the protest
  • Tanks crushed anything, and anyone that got in their way
  • By June 4th Tiananmen square was surrounded by the government
  • Protesters begged the army to not attack

Goverment's response to the protest

  • Chinese military killed hundreds of people
  • The first time they called the military since the communists took power in 1949
  • By June 4th Tiananmen square was surrounded by the government's millitary
  • Government won the standoff

After the protest

  • Shaped the view of china
  • Became a site of demonstration
  • barely any one know about what happened during that day even 25 years later even if they know about it, it would have t be in private