Political Scientist

A career study by Gracen Long


A job in the political science field may be difficult to achieve and maintain, but it is well worth the patience and effort, and I am seriously considering it as my future career.

Educational Requirements

A. Most positions in this field require a Master’s or PhD.

B. Harvard is the best school for political science.

Required Skills

A. Curiosity, an interest in culture and behavior of foreign countries, complex problem solving abilities, and social perceptiveness, are all skills and attributes that are necessary for this job. I believe that I do have these skills, making this job a reasonable goal.


A. The income generally increases at a normal rate

B. The most I can make is 104, 920

C. The least I can make is 15,080

D. The median salary is 48,320

E. Education does make a difference.

Job Duties

A. Political Scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems and public safety.

B. Generally, work regular hours, but often will work overtime without compensation

C. This career field is present in just about every city

D. Usually work is done inside in an office

Job Benefits and Drawbacks

A. Benefits – Get to use critical thinking, allows for involvement within politics, and the pay is usually very good.

B. Drawbacks – Often work overtime without compensation, important decisions are often met with scrutiny by the public, and you will not always be loved by the public.


1. What are your strengths?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. Why are you right for the job?

4. Are you okay with working long hours without compensation?

5. Are you politically active?

6. Are you a skilled critical thinker?

7. Are you good with people?

8. Can you work well in a team?

9. What is your political affiliation?

10. What can you tell us about yourself?