Reel History Final

Ainsley Crawford


Miracle was my favortie movie that we watched this semester. I liked that it was a sports film that connected to history. Since it was action filled my interest was sustained throughout the entire film.


The 9-11 documentary had the biggest impact on me this semester. It was personal footage of the accounts which made the film more realistic and touching. Also, the topic of 9-11 was an event that shaped America into what it is today. It was one that I was able to experience to an extent which made it more interesting to learn about.

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove was by far my least favorite movie that we watched. The story line was dumb and the acting wasn't very good. I did not think that it was funny when it was supposed to be very comical.

Looking Back

The most interesting part of class was the 9-11 section. It was very powerful compared to the other units we studied. It also showed what led up to America being what it is today and how the terrorists went about that.

The least interesting part of class was the Cold War. I thought that the situation was pointless. The idea of one mistake creating a nuclear war is ridiculous.

Modern America

The Mordern America time period has had a profound effect on the everyday lives of many generations. What America has survived during that time is impressive. The country faced many large obstacles such as: the Cold War, Civil Rights, and terroristic attacks. Each of these main obstacles have had a lasting effect on what America is today. As a country, we have become more patriotic, more careful, more united.

My thinking has been changed because I never realized how difficult the past 60 years have been. I never knew details about the extremity of the Cold War or the hardships for citizens throughout the 60's. It has made me appreciate how easy I have it today.

After learining all that Americans had to go through, I appreciate everything that I never had to worry about. I am grateful for Patriotism throughout our country because I know that it was not always there. I am proud to live in a country that has people willing to sacrifice their lives in order for me to live so easily.
I feel like America is in a better position today than it was in 1945. We no longer have exclusion and extreme racism. We appreciate our soldiers that give everything up for us. We are more united than ever.