By: Emerson Tyler

Systems affected by diabetes

The system that is affected by diabetes is the the Nervous system, and the cardiovascular system, this happens when the body has too much glucose gets into your blood and when circulating it can damage the nerves in your body.

How does the body work with and without diabetes

Your body works normally when your blood has the right amount of sugar/glucose and the amount in there is able to circulate easily, but with diabetes there will be too much sugar/glucose in your blood so the cells get surrounded with sugar and can not function normally.

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Who gets it?

People who are affected by diabetes... in 2012 there were

  • 29.1 million Americans.

  • 21.0 million of those were diagnosed.

  • 11.8 million of those were 65 or older .

  • There were 86 million people 20 or older with high blood sugar.

  • For people under 20 18,436 had type one and 5,089 had type two diabetes.

What ethnicity gets it?

Race of diabetes

  • 15.9% in 2012 was American Indian and Alaskan Natives

  • 13.2% were Black

  • 12.8% were Hispanic

  • 9% were Asian American

  • 7.6% were white
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What causes diabetes

Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar from insulin not producing as much as it needs to or cells not responding to the insulin being produced.

How do doctors determine if you have diabetes

This condition is determined when a doctor finds that your blood sugar is higher than it is supposed to be, there are usually two test but if needed you may only need two.

Signs and Symptoms

For type two diabetes people with it may never know they have it and if they feel like they should they should talk to a doctor about their blood sugar. Signs for type one may be getting more thirsty and hungry, having a dry mouth, urinating a lot or urine infections, losing weight even if you are eating a lot, getting tired, unclear/ blurry vision, and headaches.

Treatment for this disease

the treatment for both type one and two is a injection of insulin into you and eating a healthier diet. For type two the main thing is diet therapy.


The prognosis for diabetes is 77 years old for men and 81 for women, this is because there expectancy of a 20 year reduce of age.


My connection is that my father and my uncle have have the two different types of diabetes. My Father has two and my uncle has one.


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