School News

Abi Gorniak

Battle of the Balloon

Five teams, battling to the death! The Aquarius house students, at Bay View Middle school, get rewarded for their hard work. Their reward is playing the balloon battle.

The rules - they have to have an inflated balloon (that is tied around there ankle with a string), they have to stay in the area, and they have to be constantly moving. The teams are determined by stride, and they all get 1 pack of balloons to start. But once the team runs out of balloons, they are done. You have to keep the foot with the balloon on the ground at all times, if not the teachers with a stick has the ability to pop the balloon, if an illegal balloon popping occurs, the student with the balloon gets a green balloon.

The Aquarius house student participate in this fun activity every year. For some teachers it shows team work. For others following directions. Every student comes out of there learning at least on thing.

But, why get rewarded if you didn't do anything to deserve it? Only the students that are able to participate are allowed to do the challenge. The kids who work hard all year for these activities are the kids who get to enjoy this activity. Those of the kids that choose not to do this are sent to a classroom, and giving the period of time to do the work they didn't complete while everyone is competing for the win.

The Paper Man

Just like every other day, the paper man was on his way to work. But this time the paper man saw a gorgeous women at the train station. Before he could do anything, a paper flew out of his hands and hit the girl in the face. He instantly said sorry and grabbed the paper, feeling embarrassed, he looked down. When he looked at the paper it a kiss stamped on it. But as fate have it, she got on a train.

He went to work and almost gave up hope of finding her, but when he got to work and looked out his window he saw the girl. He frantically tried get her attention, throwing a paper airplanes at her window. But they kept on missing, When he ran out of paper, he looked down at the paper that had her lips stamped on it and tried to throw it and it blew out of his hands. Feeling sad, he almost gave up, but he saw her leaving the building and ran after her. He couldn't find her anywhere, but then he heard something, and then suddenly all of the paper airplanes he used led the way to find her. They are now living happily ever after with 2 kids, and a new life.

The Freak Out

Breaking News at Bay View Middle School. The students where gone for spring break, and one student had a special surprise when they got to school. After not being able to see each other for eleven days, a student freaks out when she saw her friend.

Amanda (the girl who freaked out) was walking into a class room when she saw Amelia, her friend. She ran up to Amelia and was screaming the whole way there. When the girl got to Amelia she stopped screaming and gave her a hug. They then just walked together and caught up with what happened during spring break.

But before they could make it into their classroom, other students started mocking Amanda, not caring what they did, she walked confidently into the classroom, and didn't turn back. Now the friends are glad to be back, and are friends forever.

Mothers Day

Sunday, May 10th, 12am-11:45pm


Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th, 12am-11:45pm

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