Cocoa Camp

information for parents

Mission Statement

Our camp will make every kid feel happy and for people to love them the way they are.Even though they have celiac,that is not an obstacle for making friends or doing normal things.

Camp Description

We will only accept 60 children with celiac disease,ages from 4-15.The camp will last two weeks and you can sign up your child now before it's to late.You can contact us by using the contact information.


Daily Schedule

8:30a.m.-Wake up time


11:00am-12:30p.m.-First Session


2:30p.m.-4:30p.m.-Kids will get a break,they can hang out with friends or take a nap,etc.

5:00pm-6:00p.m.-Second session


7:30p.m.-8:30p.m.-Camp fire

9:00p.m.-kids will have to be in their cabins

10:00p.m.-lights have to be turned off

Things Needed:

-Enough clothes that will last for two weeks

-Toothbrush,toothpaste,things that would be located in the restroom



-Medication if it is taken by the child

-Other things they may like to bring

Cost Of Camp

The cost of the camp will be 250$.

It includes,all the meals of the day,a shirt that would be given to each child,snacks,crafts,and a fieldtrip that we will be taken on the second week of camp.

Dates of camp session

*The camp will start on June 9th and end on June 23th

They will be staying for thirteen nights and fourteen days.