Nestor Diaz

Using daydreams as part of the text structure, the author conveys the idea that Walter Mitty lacks self-confidence,is shy, and cannot stand up for himself

Walter Mitty lacks self-confidence.

Mitty does not talk back to his wife, even when she is being rude to him. Mitty also never thinks of himself as anything. The author shows this when Mitty was in a daydream and he was the one being shot by a firing squad.
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Mitty also is very shy, making him sometimes shy away from others.

Mitty does not talk in real life, making him shy, but in daydreams he talks a lot. Another way he is shy is when Mitty gets in fights with his wife, he always backs down showing that he has a shy kind of personality
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Mitty is the kind of person that cannot stand up for himself.

Mitty does not ever scream or shout at his wife when she is screaming at him. Also, Mitty backs away from someone that shouts at him. For example when the lady laughed at him, he did not stand up for himself.
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The author's text structure shows Walter Mittty lacks self confidence, is timid, and cannot stand up for himself