Green Class Newsletter

Room 203

What's New?

This week the students have been working hard on their Civil War Bulletin Boards. I've been so impressed with how much time and effort they have put into this project. They've gone above and beyond to research, decorate, and put together a bulletin board for the Union and the Confederacy. Their work definitely paid off - they turned out great!

Since we were unable to see the performance we had scheduled during our time at the Civil War museum, the actress came to us! On Wednesday, we were able to watch her act out the script of runaway slave who escaped using the Underground Railroad. It was an emotional performance and the students asked great questions. Ask your child what s/he learned!

Next week we will have spelling and we will resume our regular vocabulary (for real this time!)

We also put together a special Mother's Day video, check it out:

Happy Mother's Day!!

Our Learning


We finished up Chapter 13 with the rules of quadrilaterals: rhombus, trapezoids and parallelograms. Students discovered how to find the missing angle in a rhombus and trapezoid as well as classify how to determine what category each shape fits into. We tested on Friday and will begin learning about three dimensional shapes next week.


The students examined different introductions and conclusions they could use in their Op-Eds. We talked about how the introduction and conclusion "frame" the writing - we need to choose the right frame for the writing. Next week we will learn a strategy to help us in the revision phase of our writing.


This week we compared and contrasted characters using a bubble map. We also looked at three different ways we can think about a book: things within the text, beyond the text, and about the text. We learned how to identify themes in literature and discuss how they relate to the world around us.

Social Studies

This week we finished up with the end of the war. The students learned about Lee's surrender at the Appomattox Court House. Ask your child about William McLean's role in the war and the meaning of his quote, "The war began in my front yard, and ended in my parlor."

Mrs. Sanchez's uncle, a Civil War buff, came in to answer the students questions about the Civil War. They asked great questions and had really good discussion on some of the lingering questions they had about the Civil War.

Bulletin Board Project

Ask your Child About....

  • The Civil War Actor
  • What they learned from the "Answer Man"
  • ABC countdown
  • Penny War for the "Buddy Bench"
  • Fire Drill
  • Battle Jeopardy
  • Bulletin Board project
  • Reciting the Gettysburg Address
  • Wind Ensemble Concert
  • Science Lab

Dates to Remember:

  • May 15
  • Guided Tour Night

  • May 16
  • Book Fair

  • May 17
  • HOH 5K Walk/Run/Rid