Wayne Gretzky's Leadership Skills

By: Rehan Ahmad

Who is Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky was arguably one of the best hockey players in history. It was because of what he did and his leadership skills that made him go down in history and make him well known to others. Wayne Gretzky played in the Edmonton Oilers, where his success started of being the one of the best hockey players. He played a whole NHL season and stacked up 51 goals and 86 assists. His hard work and determination is the reason why no one wore the NHL sweater #99 because it represented him.
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Wayne Gretzky's Courage

Just like Nelson Mandela, Wayne Gretzky gave courage to everyone around him and especially the Edmonton Oilers. As they were on a losing streak before Gretzky came. His inspiration gave the Oilers a chance to win the cup and also to have a better way to communicate and teamwork. Even outside of his NHL career, Wayne Gretzky managed to not give up on his family when his wife had took part into an illegal operation where she even bet on 100,000 dollars. When Gretzky's daughter had been posting material that was not professional on her twitter, it made Gretzky's reputation bad but he still supported his daughter.
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Quitting is Leading too

Even though Wayne Gretzky retired his NHL career in 1999. He still inspired and motivated people as he did go up on the Hall of Fame. Gretzky participated in the Olympics and showed people his potential but even though he showed people what he could do back then, he now donates to charity's to the Ronald McDonald Charity and has his own charity which is called "The Wayne Gretzky Foundation".
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Appearences Matter- and remember to smile

Although Wayne Gretzkys reputation was great, it was because of his appearance and what he did that made him important. Not only because of Charities that Gretzky donated to, but whenever he did interviews, he always had a positive face that gave everyone courage. He always had a great concern for his team mates and always had an ultimate goal for his team in mind.
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In conclusion, Wayne Gretzky Was a hard working person and because of that, he made big accomplishments. Even though Wayne Gretzky shares a lot of leadership skills of Nelson Mandela, they are completely different people who had different things in mind for the world but had the same intentions when it came to hard work.


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