Teens communicate with their minds

Beautiful creatures

There is some good in evil

Sometimes, people or things may seem evil to you, but there is something light in them.

Quote 1: "She turned her head and when I looked into her eyes, I noticed for the first time that one was green, and the other one was hazel---actually, more like gold."

Explanation 1: This book is about supernatural beings and so when one of Lena's eye was gold she turned part evil. The other eye was green so she was part light. In her family there are evil beings and good beings. She was an exception, so if she turned light, all evil beings died. If Lena turned evil, all light beings would die. So she is evil, but also good.

Quote 2: "But one thing was obvious. He was an Incubus, too, and not-if there was such a thing was something else. Whatever Macon was, Hunting was something else."

Explanation 2: Macon, Lena's uncle, is an Incubus. Incubus' are meant to be bad and blood thirsty, but Macon fed himself with people's dreams. He was born to be evil though, he still helped his people and took their nightmares away.

Connection: In the book 'Hush Hush', a dark angel fell from the sky and was bound to stay at Earth forever. But the angel started doing good things to humans after her fell in love with a girl. He also learned from his consequences.

Ethan eager to meet the new girl Lena, gets involved into deep family secrets and dangers await them as they get closer to Lena's birthday.


Ethan has wierd dreams about a girl he doen't know but desperately wants to have. He meets the myterious new girl Lena who newly comes to Gatlin. Soon later he realizes this is the girl from his dreams, but doesn't know how this happened. They start spending time together. They touch stuff together and get mysterious visions of the past. Lena's birthday is coming closer and closer. That day she gets claimed light or dark; she doesn't know what will happen. On her birthday, she and Ethan have to fight montrous creatures from getting Lena evil.