Amber's Recycling Business

Come Out And Support

My Business

The type of business I have is a sole proprietorship. I will have people working for me. I choose this business because I do not want to work for anyone else. I want to be able to own my own place. The advantages for me are I get money, and the advantages for the workers are they get money to.


My business will overcome disadvantages because we know we are going to have ruff times,s and times when money is low, but to overcome that we are going to have fundraisers and raise money. We are going to need everybody to pitch in and help out.

Meeting Employees Needs

1. Evaluating everyone, and taking in their needs

2. Making sure everyone feels safe in the work environment


Our business main priority is to push the issue on recycling and stopping pollution. pollution can cause many health issues for some people. recycling can help out a lot.
How Recycling Works