The 8 Aspects of Religion

To help us understand religion better

Whats the Purpose?

The purpose of Religion is to help us understand things better, guide you on life's journey, give purpose to life and is something to turn to in times of need.

Religious Experience and Spirtuality

Religious Experience is along the lines of a 'Wonder and Awe' moment. A 'Wonder and Awe' moment is when you see or hear something that just makes you go... wow. Like there is literally no other word to describe that moment.

Spirituality is like going through and inner journey, connecting yourself to things around you. Like your going through an individual search for meaning.


Symbols are things that represent something; stand for something different from what they look like. They may even have a deep meaning.


Rituals are long traditions that have been passed down through many generations.


Beliefs are something that you believe and focus on. Although something that one person believes in doesn't necessarily mean that everyone believes it.

Myths and Other Stories

Myths are things that may or may not be true, no one is really sure. Although some people do believe in them.

Sacred Texts

Sacred texts are Holy writings that people believe in, like in a bible.

Social Structures

A social structure is like a hierarchy of jobs in the church.

Ethnics / Codes of Behavior

Like every club or social group, there are rules to follow and abide by. They call these Ethnics or Codes of Behavior.