Smart Notebook 11

Create Interactive Presentations!


Smart Notebook is a great platform for creating engaging and interactive lessons.

  • Organize all of your documents in one place.
  • Link to dynamic web content.
  • Record lessons for independent and self paced learning and review.

There's an APP for Professional Development!

Download an app that will gives easy 24-7 access to a variety of tips and tricks for use with Smart tools and software.


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Learn to Use the Activity Builder

Smart Notebook 11 : The Activity Builder
Smart Notebook 11 Activity Builder Tutorial
SMART Notebook 11 - Activity Builder

Smart Notebook on the iPad!

Visit the iTunes App Store and find the Smart Notebook app. Currently $6.99! This app lets you create content in Notebook on your iPad. Consider using in small groups in lieu of the Smart board!

Check out this blog post for more information about the app!