12th Street Day Celebration

Come Empower with the Youth of the Mid-Town Little rock area

Arkansas Youth Services

The youth of the Mid-town Little rock Arkansas area Shifting the Atmosphere on 12th street by empowering the community by using Science, Technology, Math, & Skills in Leadership the youth you see here are the youth who will be next in line to be Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Congress, Senators, and President, these will be the next leaders of the world we will soon see

12th street day

Friday, Jan. 9th 2015 at 4:30-7:30pm

1200 Bishop Pl

Little Rock, AR


get your tickets on-line at www.______________________________________.com they are $1.05 please do so before 1/9/2015 becuase we have to arange seats by Ticket codes

CDYS's Goal is 500-1,000 Participates