Weekly Newsletter

Fun with Pre-K Fours!!

L Week

What a wonderful week we have had! We have learned all about the letter L and the kids have came up with lots of L words. We went on a leaf walk on Monday and collected lots of beautiful leaves from the woods and made wreaths. On the play ground we had a huge leaf fight! When the weather got chilly we had to stay inside and find creative ways to get some energy out. We made ramps and talked about different inclines. Then the kids had races with their cars. We went on walks in the big kid school and then practiced our Christmas program in the auditorum. We also have started making some Thanksgiving crafts for our feast. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

M Week

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

  • making complete sentences and adding new words to make them more complex
  • matching lowercase and uppercase letters
  • talk about word length in text
  • creating their own rhymes


  • represent numbers with groups of objects
  • use a graph to get information
  • exoplore, describe, and compare attributes of basic shapes
  • recognize and name shapes in the envioronment


  • Thanksgiving class turkey
  • thankful tree
  • Monster Shape Craft


  • Please email us who is going to be at the Thanksgiving Feast with your child and sign up for something to bring :)
  • Christmas Program December 9th @ 6:30 with reception afterwards. We also need to know how many people are coming per child. We have set a sign up sheet on the wall.
  • Please send in warm extra clothes for you child in case of spills or accidents.
  • Show and Tell next week - the letter M