River Place Elementary Newsletter

RPE Strong --September 10, 2021

APEX is coming!

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Thanks, PTA, for bringing the fun to our campus!

Update from CNS Regarding Snack Sales and Revised Menus

Due to continued staffing shortages some middle schools and all elementary campuses will no longer have a la cart sales. (ice cream, chips, cookies, etc) until staffing improves. We want to focus on serving our students and staff to the best of our ability and this will help to ensure that focus. Menus will also be revised for September to cut down on items with longer prep times or requiring a longer assembly to which slows service down. We hope to be able to bring back these items and more once staffing is improved.

Transportation Changes

Please make sure you are changing your student's transportation before 1:45 PM on regular release days and by 11:55 on early release days. Parents should make all changes in School Dismissal Manager.


Once again we are pleased to offer library book check out for our virtual students. The next two check out dates will be Sept. 22 & Oct. 6.

Click this link for details!


1. Will I be notified if my child is in close contact with a child with a positive test? Yes, we have a team who sends an email to every child identified as being in close contact with a student who has tested positive for COVID. Be sure you check and read your LISD emails and they do not go to spam. Click here to read the full information from LISD on Close Contact/Quarantine.

2. If I keep my child home because he/she was in close contact with a positive case or has symptoms that indicate a possible case, will he/she be counted absent? Will that cause a problem? Yes, your child is counted absent. No, that will NOT cause a problem for your child. We encourage you to keep your child home if your child has been in close contact with a positive case or has symptoms of illness. We will work with you on it, but we don't want this to spread any more than you do. When in doubt, keep your child home.

3. How can my child make up the work that is missed? Your child's teacher can send some work home while your child is out. We are finding that many of our children who are absent are not so ill that they cannot do schoolwork. If your child is super ill, just concentrate on getting well. If your child is able, students can always do Istation and Dreambox from home. They can check their Google classrooms (grades 3 and up) for assignments. Their teachers may be able to send some assignments via email, but please also know that many of our learning experiences are very hands on.

4. What if my child's class has a cluster of cases? What does that mean and what should I be prepared for? A cluster is three or more cases that are connected. IF we have a cluster of cases, we would require ALL of the students in that classroom to stay home for 10 days since the last exposure. This would be mandatory. Those students would then receive instruction from home for the quarantine time (possibly additional days based on more positive tests that come in). You would receive specific written information about the dates for the quarantine. Your child would receive instruction from the teacher for a minimum of 2 hours per day and would receive work to do at home for an additional two hours. At River Place so far, we have identified one cluster.

5. Are masks required? Yes, LISD mandated masks to be worn at all times while we are in red stage. Yes, we do remind kids all day long to pull their masks up. Most of our students are quite good at it. They are kids and do need reminders. We ask that you support at home by helping them understand how important wearing a mask is to helping stop the spread of the virus.

6. Can I opt my child out of wearing a mask? If you have a health reason your child should not wear a mask or have other objections, you may email tina.pasak@leanderisd.org and request information for the process to opt your child out of wearing a mask.

COVID-19 Reporting

For any student who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19, we ask parents/guardians to click here to notify the district.

Here are some resources for parents on where to get COVID tests:


If people do not have access to the internet, they can call 311 and ask for assistance with COVID testing sites.

Early Release Wednesdays

Next week we release at 1:25...don't forget!

Have you considered becoming a substitute?

RPE needs more substitute teachers. Find out how to become a substitute by clicking HERE!