if you want to be an tour escort then this is the ad for you


a tour escort travlesthe world and takes gust on tours and giving then direstions and info on the location.


the averge salary is $25000 and for alaska its $3500


highschool diploma , and a bachalors degree. or some collage.


-describe tour points if interst to a group and respond to quistions.

-escort indiviuals or group on cruises sightseeing tours or thought places of interst suchas indushiual establishments public buildings and are galleries.

-conduct eduvational activies for school children.

-monitor vistiters activies to ensure complince will esablishment or tour safty practies.

-provide direstions and other pertinment info to visters.

-greet and resister visters and issue oany required identification bages or safty devices.

-distribute brochpres show aundiovual presntations and exspanin estabishment processes and operations at tour sites.

-research various topics including site history and limut skills.

-select travle routs and sites to be visted cased on knowlage of saspuice areas.

- drive motoe vehicals to transport vistors to establishments and tour sites location.