Quiz 1: Finished!

8th Grade Language Arts

Literary Terms Unit

This week we had our first quiz of the year! Our focus was on plot, character, and mood while also incorporating the short stories we have read so far, which were "The Wise Old Woman", "Broken Chain", and "The Monkey's Paw". The grades will be in Power School by the end of the day. We are eager to put some of them on our WOW work board!

Collaborative Writing Groups

This week we worked in collaborative writing groups twice. The first time we worked in teams of two to four to write a paragraph with a randomly given mood. As a group, the students were able to decide their own topic to establish the given mood. On Friday we did a similar activity to practice writing with a given tone. We assigned the students a different group with two to four students to write a paragraph with the given topic of a seven-year-old sitting on Santa's lap. The randomly assigned tones were suspicious, terrified, annoyed, embarrassed, ecstatic, hilarious, and furious. For some entertainment, I would definitely ask to read what your child and their group produced.