Poetry Anthology

Juan Guzman


Juan Guzman was born in Galveston, but grew up in Houston, Texas. Which later moved to Saginaw with his grandparents and the rest of his family. It was hard for Juan to go to school and want to be there, mostly because of all the bullying that he had to deal with when he was there, but it was harder to go home and tell his parents that everything was "fine" or "ok" when he was dying every time he was at school. It was like putting one mask at school and another one at home, Juan felt pain because when he thought he had friends he had nothing, he didn't feel confortable trying to talk to someone he thought was his friend but wasn't. Juan had to deal with that from 1st grade to 7th and din't know how to deal with something like that. He tried so hard until he finally stood up but still yet there was and will be someone behind him talking.

Where I'm From

I am from Netflix, from Mexican and American food.

I am from the modern.

I am from the dust, the bluebonnet.

I am from mariachis and sombreros, from Juan and Brenda Guzman.

I am from the truth and sass, from work for what you want and don't let anyone take you down.

I am from strong Christians, Christians that pray and have strong faith.

I am from Galveston, Texas, parents from Allende, Nuevo Leon, from beans and rice.

I am from the hilarious memories to the middle fingers sown at me, and curs words thrown at my family and I.

I am from pictures on the wall to the stories told by our family.


The pain I have caused, compared to none.

The pain I've received, harder than rocks.

Oh what have I done I ask myself.

Wondering how those people felt.

Wanting to fix the pain I caused,

I couldn't bare facing the pain I've caused.

I couldn't undo what was done,

the pain I caused was hard like rocks.

The pain was the truth, the truth

that fake friends and family have caused.

Structure Poem


are like friends

they have so many jobs.

From homes and shelters to

animals,to providing shade

and oxygen. So big and

majestic to small and compact.

The greenest of trees

are the ones for


| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

---------------/ \---------------


Ode to the teacher, the teacher is the

"Juan and only" the greatest of them all.

The teacher's name is Parween Summers

she is hot like the summer but her heart

is cold like no other. This teacher is the

best of the best, brings out the integrity in

people. She is heartless but truthful,

she isn't anything like other teachers she

teaches better, she makes the best jokes and

she's my teacher. Ms. Summers understands

how teenagers feel how they function, what

to say and how to rephrase problems so it's

clearer to be processed by teenagers.

Ms. Summers madness and craziness bring

great contentment to us all. No other

person has made us feel so joyful to be in

English or in school. Parween Summers is

like a friend but not like the fake ones.


My mom is my love, we have so much fun.

My mom is my earth and my sky.

Memo is my everything, including the sun.

Memo is so cool and fly.

She's the friend I can always go to.

Oh mother how you make me laugh.

She's the one who trusts me ever so.

Mother you receive all my giggles and cries.

You even receive my madness and sadness.

I'm sorry for the fights and stupidness.

We've had so much happiness.

You always show my smartness.

From ignoring you.

To loving you.


My favorite and hardest poem for me to write would be the narrative poem because it was the poem where I really let some things and thoughts go, it was also tough for me because I had to go back in memories I didn't want to remember again since I have lived them for so long and now moving forward not wanting to look back seemed best but it was good to look back, and see how dumb I was back then and then writing about it to let it go, seems really helpful.