Math Recovery

A Year of Small Steps - Weeks 16-18

Counting Patterns and Chains

Coming back from a break, we all need a chance to get back into our routines and patterns help everyone to make sense of the world around them. This is a great way to connect student thinking with early number sense. The video linked below highlights a method of using temporal (sound) patterns to anchor student counting.

Check out Activities IA4.6 On the Mat, page 65, and IA4.8 Chains, page 6 to get kids up on their feet and counting how many people are in their group. These are a good fit for your emergent and early counters.

If you haven't tried Happy Counting with your groups, this is a very flexible routine that can be easily adapted as a choral activity where everyone says the numbers to a more complex version where students start out loud, then count silently until the teacher prompts for a group response. Here's a video clip of the "silent" version and the easy version. Those of you teaching grade level groups can use this routine with decimals and fractions to create an upper elementary version!

2018-19 Registration Links

AVMR Course 1 Jan 23, Feb 6, Mar 12, 27 (@ Clarenceville MS) Email for info

AVMR Course 1 Feb 27, Mar 7, Apr 11, 24 (@ Oakland Schools)

AVMR Course 1 May 22, 30, June 26, 27 (@ Oakland Schools)

Math Recovery Oakland Schools

Dana is leading a cohort of MRIS, Math Recovery Intervention Specialists, this school year and continuing to expand the list of Math Recovery courses Oakland Schools can offer. To contact Dana, or call her at 248-209-2328.

Shawna has a link with open time slots for building and classroom visits. Once you sign up for a time slot, you will receive confirmation email and request for a little information about your priorities for the time together: individual students, whole/small group instruction, targeted intervention, data & assessment, or "name your own" focus. You can call her at 248-209-2051.