Amerigo Vespucci Explores the World

Italian Man Enjoys Exploring

About Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci was born on March 9, 1454, Florence, Italy. He was educated by his uncle who taught him math, science, and Latin. His hobbies were collecting books and copying maps. In 1491, he moved to spain. He became the director a company that supplied explorers with everything they need for their long voyages.

Vespucci's voyage to the New World

Some people think he made his first voyage for Spain in 1497. Other believed he did not sail toward the New World until 1499. He sailed from Cadiz to Spain to mouth of the Amazon River to mainland of Brazil in South America. Some people believe that he sailed to Gulf of Mexico(in the present - day United States) after sailing to River to mainland of Brazil in South America.

Sailing for Portugal

Early 1500s, Vespucci made voyages that were paid for by Portugal. Each time, he sailed from the city of Lisbon and followed the South American coast. During one of these expedition he sailed within 400 miles of the southern tip of South America. He was the first explorer to discover that North America and South America were actually separate from Asia.
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Honoring Amerigo Vespucci

In 1508, Spain named Amerigo Vespucci as Pilot Major.(It means that he is the most skilled navigator in the entire world.) Four years later, he died of malaria. 1year before he died, German scholar Martin Waldseemuller read about Vespucci's discoveries and printed a wood block map with the name "America" spread across the southern continent of New World. More than 1,000 copies of Waldseemuller's map were sold throughout Europe. Few years later, Waldseemuller changed his mind about the name America. It was too late. In 1538, a map of the world was created.
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