Against GMO

Why its wrong

What is GMO

GMO is food that has been modified for purposes to help the organism grow, flourish, etc. This can be water conserving, longer lasting, taste, etc.

Why its bad

GMO is wrong because you are injecting chemicals into the food that we eat, only to end up affecting us after the organisms have been eaten. This can lead to health problems and many issues with people.

Why its bad Cont.

When companies develop these chemicals and it will start to make them a lot of money, they may neglect to tell the public about the effects of these chemicals on humans. This can lead to many problems with peoples health. Also, if the world will switch to these, then this may lead to a corruption of the food industry, totally changing the health and well being of both the food industry and human life.


People inject some of these animals into animals that we will eventually eat. This can lead to health problems, deformities, and issues when ingested by humans. This may end up either killing off many animals such as cows and bulls which can change the food industry in the world forever. Also, this can lead to problems with health for people who eat these animals.
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