Follow Your Road

By: Aneesha Mathupala

Let's Go Step By Step

Each and every one of us has gone through something tough before. We have tried to get to a better situation every time. Here is a sequence chart on how to get to your goal.
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Be Different Each Day

Being different shows that you have grown in your thoughts to be a better you. Basically you are going above and beyond, but of course not too much. In the book, Unstoppable, there is a story called "Habitat For Humanity". Here is a chronological order of a fellow human's special road to perseverance. First, lots of inhabitants had no homes to live in and this man named Millard built houses for them so they can be comfortable. So, he made lots of money since he made tons of houses. But he didn't stop there. Then, he wanted to assemble houses that sturdier for more people. Also, he even wanted to talk to the president about it and on top of that, he finally spent endless hours manufacturing each house. In my personal opinion, Millard is a really caring person. Considering the fact that all these people were strangers and he had such a good heart to jump in and provide each of them with rest. From this novel we can see that if you are persevering over something, you are really caring over it and you would be willing to go through hardships to reach to your dream.

Solutions Are In a Strong Mind

A strong mind means a lot. Whoever has a strong mind knows that they will do whatever it takes to get over their problem. Rudy, a movie we watched at the end of our unit, was really affecting. This was mainly because Rudy, the main character, had a really outgoing dream. The dream was to go to school at Notre Dame so he can be on the team there. It was so far that all of his close family members even thought that he would never make it. The main problem was that he was not that typical straight A student because he had dyslexia. He wanted to go to Notre Dame so badly that he waited each semester so he can prove to them that he has good grades to make it in. It didn't take a little more than one week, but 2 years. That shows how much courage he had in him. After all the studying, he finally made it in and proved to his family by inviting them to his championship game. At the end, when all his teammates were carrying him with pride, it shows you have to convince everyone; especially yourself, that you are capable of winning.

no words can describe Adeline Yen Mah

Adeline Yen Mah is such an unique character and she never quits. She is probably one of my best heroes because of her bravery. She wrote an autobiography of herself called Chinese Cinderella. Her mother died while she gave birth to her. All of her 4 other siblings blamed her for her mother's death and they all were undesirable to her for her whole childhood. All she can do is to prove that she is smart in school so that she is more worth it than what her family thinks of her. But when she receives medals for being on the top of her class, all of her siblings are jealous of her. Adeline tries out for the play-writing competition, but no one persuades her because of their jealously. Her stepmom, Niang, gets on her last nerve on her and sends her to Hong Kong. The most sorrowful moment is when her own dad just goes on and agrees with Niang. Adeline just thinks that she shouldn't be in their life so sadly, she leaves to Hong Kong. But an interrupting call from her chauffeur says that her dad came to pick her up. It seemed like she made it for the first prize for the competition and he wanted her to go to college with her brothers. She was so glad and agreed with him. It shows that you have to have a loud voice to show everyone that on the inside, you are a champion.

There's Always A Reaction To Every Action

Have you ever thought you could just hide a secret and get away with it? Unfortunately, that's not going to work for you because one way or the other, someone will figure out. This idea is mainly about the story in the book, Unstoppable. The story is called "Words Failed Him". A man named Tom kept a secret for 50 years that couldn't read and he went through problems like Tuberculosis, which is a disease which bacteria infects the lungs. Only after he was married, he revealed to his wife that he wanted to learn to read. We can see that since he had TUB and kept a huge secret, he had to learn to read as a follow-up. This might seem obvious at first, but we regularly do many acts and we never think of what might happen after we sustain in our lives. Anyways, Tom accomplished after his wife taught him. Even though he kept a secret, it shows people who are close to you will be willing to help, no matter how embarrassing it is. Other than the cause/effect lesson in this paragraph, we can attain that nothing is impossible as long as you are desperate to achieve it.

How Differences Can Be So Alike

Here are 2 acts of perseverance. This Venn Diagram shows the similarities and differences in the stories in Unstoppable, "Inside Every Day-Dream Was A Hollywood Script" and "Dancing To The Rhythms Of Her Heart".

Venn Diagram

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From all these articles about different people, they all had something in common. Which is that they all had a goal and they all achieved it in some point in their lifetime. What's your goal?