Walk Two Moons

By: Sharon Creech


Salamanca Tree Hiddle is a 13 year old girl on a road trip with her grandparents to Lewiston, Idaho in search of her mother. She has just been plucked like a weed from her farm in Bybanks, Kentucky to Euclid, Ohio. While on her adventurous road trip, Sal tells stories about her recently new friend Phoebe Winterbottom.

Thesis Sentence: Judgements

Characters in the novel misjudge three because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins;" These misjudgments are later proven wrong.

Mrs. Cadaver

Mrs. Cadaver gets judged a lot in the story because of her physical and emotional features. Phoebe and Sal make a judgement while looking out the window of phoebes house and seeing Mr. Birkway and Mrs. Cadaver burying a Rhododendron. (86) "Maybe Mr. Birkway helped her chop up her husband and bury him." This shows Phoebe making assumptions that Mrs. Cadaver is a murderer when really (218) "Mrs cadaver is my sister" says Mr. Birkway.

Phoebe makes a judgement again about Mrs. Cadaver that she is a murderer on page (22,23,24)"First, theres her name:Cadaver, next she's a nurse, also that hair."(24) "Her names Cadaver right? Have you ever wondered what happened to Mr. Cadaver?" This shows that Phoebe thinks Mrs. Cadaver murdered her husband. When really (218)"But she didn't murder him, her husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car."

Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle is judged ALL through out the story because of the way he acts. Phoebe makes the judgement of Mike Bickle that he kidnapped Mrs. Winterbottom when she goes missing (127) "Maybe the lunatic came in the house and dragged her off." This shows that Phoebe thinks he kidnapped her when really (248) "I have been hanging out with him to get to know him."

Phoebe assumes that Mike Bickle is a Lunatic after he comes to the house because she says (52) "I believe it came from the potential lunatic." this shows that they are calling him a lunatic because they think he is when really (248)"Mike is my son"

Mrs. Winterbottom

Mrs. Winterbottom is Judged in the book but particularly in the end when her physical and emotional appearance changes. When Mrs. Winterbottom goes missing and Phoebe and Sal go to the lunatics dorm they see (235) "On the bench was Phoebes mother kissing the lunatic." Everyone judges her and thinks that the lunatic is her boyfriend when really (248) "Mike is my son."

Mrs. Winterbottom is judged again when she calls home saying shes going to bring someone with her (241)"Did she refer to this person at all? Did she mention a name? He was getting agitated. She said she was bringing him with her...HIM?" This shows that hes afraid she has a new boyfriend by the way he was acting and the way he said him. When really him is (248) "Mike is my son"


Salamanca Tree Hiddle in the end learns that you can misjudge people very easily and without knowing it. She also learns that the mind can run a vivid imagination and most judgments can be later proven wrong. If everyone just walked two moons in their moccasins all would be better.