My Health Survey

By Kai


This survey was sent to eight people of various ages and genders. I asked two people from my class, my health teacher, my mum, my step dad, my nana and myself. I chose these question to help understand how healthy the people are around me. Unfortunately I could get 7 of the 8 people to do the survey as my brother's email account was not recieving emails.

Fitness Rating

I asked how people would rate their fitness level from 1 (Being the worst) and 10 ( Being the best). They all answered the question with what they thought suited them best.

Do You Eat Fruit Everyday?

Most people said they did but a few people only eat fruit when it's in season. 1 person said other and they said they sometimes do.

Green is for: Always, I enjoy eating fruit.

Blue: Sometimes, when it is in season.

Grey: Other.


I had 3 people who answered student, 1 teacher, 1 motor mechanic and 1 retired. The other person said they were a mother, editor, teacher and counsellor.

How Many Hours of Physical Activity Do You Do?

In this question I asked how many hours of physical activity people did, by looking at the graph (right) you can see the results.

What Physical Activities Do You Do?

These were the responses given:



tennis, basketball and walking the dog

Basketball and tennis

Not much at the moment since I'm heavily pregnant: usually I play tennis but now I'm lucky to walk the dog

Swimming, pilates

tennis, cricket

Overall Fitness

I asked how people would rate their overall health with the choices ranging from excellent to poor.

Blue: Very Good

Orange: Good

Comfortable Talking To Others

I asked people if they were comfortable talking to people they didn't know. Most people said they feel comfortable talking to anyone. One said they only like to talk to people they know.


I was not shocked at the results of this survey as all of the people that I surveyed I think are healthy. There were no big issues for anyone. The only thing was that every person aged under the age of 44 played a sport, anyone over age of 54 didn't. Overall I think that everyone is above average health by the results of this survey.