Air Force Training Camp

Jet simulator

15 soldiers can be in a jet simulator at once. If there are 315 soldiers in all the jet simulators on the air force base, how many simulators are needed for the 315 soldiers?
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Two jets with new recruits

One jet has 375 new recruits reporting to air force training camp. How many new recruits are on the second jet if there are a total of 582 new recruits on both jets?

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New Recruit Water

A trainer needs to buy water for the new recruits but he cannot spend over $100. How many cases of water can the trainer buy if each case of water costs $5?
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New Recruit Clothes

A recruit cannot spend over $60 to buy clothes for training. Pants cost $20 and shirts cost $5. If he buys one pair of pants, how many shirts can he buy and not spend over
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Learn to Fly a CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet