Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis


This book is a fantastic book that people love. It is about four kids who lose their home because of world war ll. Their names are Susan, Lucy, Peter, and Edmund.So their mom sent them to a professor. Lucy finds a wardrobe and decides to go in. She finds a magical place named Narnia and she tells her sister and brothers so they go in but this time it didn't work. Will Lucy convince her siblings.


This book is an amazing book that people of all ages will love. It has exciting moments, shocking moments, even heart aching moments in this story. Even if you are not interested you should check this book out. This book is something that you need. It doesn't matter if you have a family or not. Get this book.

Favorite Passage

My favorite passage in the book is, But as for Aslan himself, the Beavers and the children didn't know what to do or say when they saw him. People who have not been in Narnia sometimes think that a thing cannot be good and terrible at the same time. If the children had ever thought so, they were cured of it now.
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