World Religions: Sikhism

by Daniel Martinez

Most Important belief

They believe in the almighty god Guru Nanak

Why do they believe that?

They believe in guru Nanak because he is the one who started it all

What makes the believers want to follow its teachings?

Maybe because it is equal to all ages and genders.

How do extreemists in this religion justify against nonbelievers?

They would first capture hostages and then kill them.

Current event

In august,7,2012 there was anegative event in ABHRO a.k.a Akhil Bharatiya Human Rights Organization because one of their sikh leaders died.

Artifact: Chauli

The Chauli was a fan and a fly wisk which was used to wave before reading the guru granth sahib to respect and thats a meaning of Sikhism.


This poem relates to this religion because it says were all equals and that is a belief in sikhism.