We are so excited to see our Mustangs!

Bringing your child to school tomorrow

On the first day of school we welcome any parent who would like to walk your child to class to do so! This is a great way to share a few minutes with your child on the first day of school. Please park in the parking lot (do not use our bus loop) and you may walk your child to class between 8:30 - 8:45 am. While we allow this on the fist day of school we do not allow parents to walk to the classrooms on Thursday as we want to start establishing structured routines.

If you are not planning on walking your child to class - you can drop your child off starting at 8:00 am in our drop off loop. Students will then go to our cafeteria where they will be supervised until they are dismissed to their classes.

We will open our doors for our bus riders at 8:30 am tomorrow.

Our Crossing Guards will be at the crosswalk on Wetherington Blvd. between 8:25 - 8:40am. Students may only cross during those times with crossing guard supervision.

Permanent Pickup/Car Rider tomorrow at end of day 3:45 (different for AM kindergarten)

If you already have turned in your permanent pick up forms and you have the following:

1. Assigned numbers given to you by EES to display in your car

2. Assigned backpack tag with matching number for your child's backpack

You are ready for parent pickup and we will start that tomorrow!

Picking your child at 3:45 pm but not signed up for parent pick up

We know that many parents want to pick up your child at the end of the day on the first day of school. We are going to have to be creative with this tomorrow because our gym floor is being worked on and we can not have anyone on our gym floor until it is finished.

Here is what to do if you will be picking your your child tomorrow.

1. Make sure that you have notified school -

2. Park in the parking lot and walk to the main lobby doors with your Drivers License.

3. EES staff will guide you to our courtyard where you will show your ID & get your child

4. EES staff will guide you to the back doors where you will exit and return to your car.

5. If at all possible please arrive at the lobby doors between 3:20 -3:45 PM.

During the remainder of the year if you need to occasionally pick up your child you will:

1. Make sure that you have notified school -

2. Get in the car pick up line in our parking lot (you stay in car the whole time)

3. You will show your drivers license to staff when picking up your child.